Hey! I’m Bridget and I live and work in DC, where the things I mostly like to talk about are art, activism, athletics, alcohol, and my anxiety disorder.




Just kidding, that’s not my whole bio. To elaborate:

IMG_7873art. I have a BA in theatre with a focus in stage management and an MA in arts administration with a focus in marketing. I work for a nonprofit called Americans for the Arts, where I oversee marketing and engagement strategies for members and prospective members across the country, who are working to advance the arts in America. I create mostly in mixed media and digital mediums, and try to see as much contemporary visual and performing art as I can. I also serve on the board of governors of Pointless Theatre Company, a group that devises work focused on movement, music, puppetry, and spectacle.

activism. I raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association by playing (mostly linebacker) for Team Brunette in the annual Blondes vs Brunettes DC flag football game. I’ve raised nearly $10,000 for the cause and co-chaired a season. I donate time and money to: the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, the Human Rights Campaign, the National Immigration Law Center, and — and I write action alerts for a group of about 300 friends and family members about a number of progressive causes.


athletics. That is a very obnoxious way to say I love sports, but I couldn’t resist the alliterative opportunity presented to me. My top ten favorite sports, in order, are: pro football, college football, hockey, men’s college basketball, roller derby, baseball, women’s college basketball, rugby, arena football, and pro basketball. I’m a DC fan across the board, a Terp for life, and would really appreciate it if the Washington football team would change its name.

IMG_1627.JPGalcohol. This is mostly a joke, but I love a good brunch and a good hefeweizen, and I am interested in discussing those things with you.


anxiety. I’m diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I am whatever the opposite of embarrassed is about it and it’s woven into most of my narrative at some point.


You’ll more about those things from my personal writing, blog posts, and archived projects or hire me to prove my mettle in the art-making and art-promoting departments.