The Art of Negotiation

A couple of weeks ago, I moderated a panel about how to negotiate for the Emerging Arts Leaders of DC – they wrote a great recap – but I wanted to throw out my big takeaway, too!

I volunteered to moderate this panel because I have been on every side of the negotiation table, from signing contracts as a freelancer, to advancing them as a production assistant, to drafting them as a production manager. The thing I find the most interesting about negotiation, though, is how those skills creep into our everyday lives.

You use those same skills when agreeing on a deadline, going through edits on a new project, and making a pitch to a supervisor – can you tell I went from live production to arts service organization from my examples? – and they panelists did a GREAT job of exploring this. I loved hearing their tools for separating themselves from their work and for working to negotiate fairly and in their own best interests, rather than negotiating solely to win.

Be sure to check out the rest of the takeways here:!

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