March 2017

Hey there!
If you made it here, you’ve probably been keeping an eye on my website(s) since I was an undergrad theatre student. While I was applying to apprenticeships, this was my portfolio; while I was freelancing, this was all marketing; and while I was in grad school, I used this space to share thoughts, experiences, and very long papers that I thought more than one person should read.

It made a ton of sense to keep my art life separate from my “other” life.

More and more, my online presence has become a mash-up of a number of divergent interests and it makes more sense to stop paying a million dollars a year to host my resume on a website and start using it as a catch-all for all the stuff people have heard me talk about. As you can see from the tabs above, art is still a key topic, but so are other charitable causes, political resistance, and sports.

They seem disparate, but it’s really all connected by a hub of social justice/stuff that’s fun to do at a bar.

Keep an eye on this space for once a month news-from-Bridge, weekly recaps of and links to our progressive action items, and miscellaneous one-off posts. This is a good place to keep an eye on events I’m attending, causes I’m supporting, stuff I’m reading, and people I’m mad at.

I’ll also be migrating some of my more interesting blog posts over, if you’re into union law and copyright law and provenance. You know – if you’re into that kind of thing; interesting is relative.

Shoot me a message on the clients page if you need anything!

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