Hi friends! At the end of the week, I’ll be leaving my current role at Americans for the Arts. I wasn’t 100% planning to do that, but it became clear to me that this was the right time to move on – both for me and for the success of a program I care a lot about.

I’m not really sure what comes next for me yet — Brooke and I are taking this opportunity to weigh jobs, school, and relocating — but I do know that this is a sign that I should be investing more of my time and energy into a future where I work for myself. I’m moving towards certification in graphic design and web design with hopes of returning to the freelance hustle I hustled for a v. long time, but in a more generally applicable and stable field, maybe.

In the meantime, I’m going to be spending more time focuses on art stuff and wanted to share some ways you can follow along and/or support me in my creative downtime.

  1. Follow me on Instagram! For free!
  2. Become a patron on Patreon! Medici it up at any amount between $3 and $100 per month to get up-to-date content, discounts, and free stuff.
  3. Buy some art! You can get premade pieces printed on high quality paper on Etsy, or reach out about custom pieces!
  4. Hire me to do custom graphic design or marketing campaigns or several other arts/design/creative/strategic things. I would love to work on a logo for your small business, marketing materials for an event, or help you develop a long-term sales strategy.

I’m also exploring part time and full time gigs and projects — if you’re interested in working together on a temporary, permanent, or ongoing basis, check out my resume and feel free to reach out!

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