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What Supplies Do You Use?

I was going to make an FAQ page, but so far, it’s just the one frequently asked question — what products do you use to make your stuff? Here’s a list of things — full disclosure, these are Amazon affiliate links, so if you order your supplies through these links, I make a tiny bit of money — and I’ll periodically post more about how and why I use them all!

For foiling:

For digital art:

  • Chromebook:
  • Stylus:
  • iPad Pro:
  • Apple Pencil:

For analog art:

  • Strathmore mixed media paper:
  • Fineliners:
  • Mildliners (Zebra):
  • Pastel highlighters (Stabilo):
  • Brush pens for color mixing (Crayola):
  • Brush pens for lettering (Tombow):
  • True watercolor brush pens (Hoolanda):
  • Black calligraphy pens:
  • Pencils:
  • Rulers/protractors for page layout:

For photography:

  • Digital camera:
  • Fujifilm Instax:
  • Film:

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