I’ll start off by saying that packages and services range wildly and the only way to know for sure what you need and how I can help to for us to chat! You can sign up for a 15 minutes intake call on this page or you can reach out to me at b@bridgetwoodbury.com, if you prefer to chat about options via email.

I’m particularly interested in supporting women, people of color, and queer folks, so need-based discounts are available. Let’s talk!

You can also view and download my resume.

Here’s a lil listicle of the four best services I offer:

1. commissions

I’ve made custom art, clothes, fanny packs, blankets, bottle openers, door mats, and probably whatever you’re picturing right now. We’ll work together to design the perfect piece for your approval before it goes to print. These are great for gifts and home decor. You can get some insight into my process and check out a the commission project pictured above on my blog!

2. brand materials

A visual brand identity has been a game changer for my business and I can help you find yours, too. This can include big picture stuff like creating a logo, creating a style guide, or picking brand colors and fonts, or it can be project and need-specific stuff, like brochures, booth signage, coloring pages, promo posters, podcast covers, and more. The world is your oyster.

3. web design

I’ve been building websites for over a decade! Right now I work with clients in Word Press to create an easily maintained website and I pair my understanding of the platform with my experience in user experience.⁠ UX is the psychology of how folks engage with content ⁠and visual stimuli, so I use that knowledge to make sure folks are looking where you want them to look and clicking what you want them to click. This service can range from wireframe, to dropping in content, to developing the entire site and writing the copy.

4. planning and brand development

Historically my most popular offering, planning and brand development will help you create a plan that’s flexible and adapts to your growing business —  whether it’s brand new, needs a revamp, or needs some ongoing support and maintenance!


I wrote my master’s thesis about the failures of traditional, corporate strategic planning and developed an alternate planning style that, rather than laying out each step you should take and falling apart if things go wrong, creates a flexible model for assessing opportunities and ideas as they come up, to determine how they fit into your big picture.

I’ve worked through this process for both marketing and branding specifically, as well as with broader organizational goals.

brand development

Brand development focuses on what to do right now to reflect your key elements and vision. What kinds of posts do you write? What kinds of ideas do you want to talk to people about? How do you talk about your products and services. Rather than projecting your goals into decision-making, we translate them into business or artist identity.