Sample Marketing Collateral

Retro-style advertisement (for a cult — on spec, obvs) — February 2019

DC Bray Pride Pils Label Contest Submission – February 2019

Stationary for the ‘Bridget Makes Stuff’ brand – March 2019

Cereal Commercial Mock-Up — March 2019

The box and overlaid text are original. I’ve used a free stock image for the kitchen and augmented the shadows manually. This is a spoof of the Honey Bunches of Oats Branding

Podcast Cover for “Wine and Crime’’ on spec — March 2019

I sent this over to the Wine and Crime gals and they’ve requested prints!

Celestial Portraits

People hangin’ with stars, planets, and galaxies.

“I am the center of my own damn universe” — March 2019

“Every body is outta this world.” — January 2019