UPDATE: How to Resist Special Edition: Charlottesville and White Supremacy

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Bridget is a DC-area lifer. She bounced around Maryland for a while, before landing in the city, approximately four blocks from where she lived as a newborn. Thanks to proximity and a natural intensity, Bridget has always been pretty into politics and policy.

In 2006, Bridget voted in her first midterm and she was a real nerd about it. She voted for Ben Cardin, Martin O’Malley, Chris Van Hollen, and Doug Gansler – and she had unnecessarily strong opinions about all 4 ballot initiatives. Later that year, Bridget started talking about Barack Obama, which was probably pretty annoying. It resulted, however, in her Dad taking the fam to see him speak at a law firm just before he announced his candidacy for president. #dc #hipsterdemocrat

img_3065So, anyway, it probably makes a lot of sense that she has become virulently active in the movement to #resist the current administration.

Bridget and two of her football teammates curate a monthly email with action items around 11 progressive issues – and send time-sensitive action alerts. They also developed a resource spreadsheet with reliable sources, vetted donation and volunteer opportunities, representative contact info, national events, and issue briefs.

The briefs cover: Arts & Culture, Civil Rights, Education, Environment, First Amendment, Foreign Affairs, Government Transparency, Health Care/Health Science, Immigration, LGBTQIA+ Rights, Native Rights, and Women’s Rights.

You can check out the spreadsheet, read older editions of the email, and sign up.